After having become unsatisfied with the perceived calibre of a number of politicians & political parties, their principles, mores and norms - I decided to engage the democratic process and work to develop change effecting a more functional governance for Queensland, the Mansfield electorate, and its citizens.  At this website you shall find information about my self, my policies, as well as my contact detail if you seek to contact me directly.  Have a good day! 




1. Party(ism)

2. My Goals

3. Some Opinions

4. Background

5. Questions

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7. Injustice Report

8. Contact

My name is Jarrod Wirth

Independent Candidate for the Queensland Electorate of Mansfield

Please allow me to "Welcome, Welkom, Mire se vini, Welkomma, Ahlan Wa Sahlan, Bari galoust, Xos gelmissiniz, I bisimila, Akwaba, Ongi etorri, ščyra zaprašajem, Swagata, Amrehba sisswène, Ani kié, Dobro došli, Degemer mad, Kyo tzo pa eit, Huan ying, Benvinguts, Ulihelisdi, Bonavinuta, Vitame Vas, Velkommen, Bonvenon, Tere tulemast, Woezor, Bienvenue, Binvignut, Bin la v'nu, Kalos ilthate, Eguahé porá, Mikouabô, Bienvéni, E komo mai, Swaa-gat hai, Tos txais, üdvözlet, Selamat Datang, Velkomin, Cead Mile Failte, Benvenuto, Irasshai, Amrehva ysswène, Chum reap sour, Murakaza neza, Osay-o, Nodé, Bakherben, Bi xer hati, Gnindi ton hap, Gratus mihi venis, Laipni lūdzam, Benvegnûi, Boyeyi bolamu, Sveiki atvykę, Dobredojde, Tonga soa, Merħba, Kia Ora, Miawezon, Tavtai morilogtun, Namaste, Khosh âmadid, Muito Bem Vindo, Multumesc, Dobro pojalovat, Afio mai, Fàilte, Wauya, Wilujeng sumping, Mabuhay, Nal-varravu, Rahim itegez, Yindii ton rap, Malo e lelei, Kalosorisate, Hosgeldiniz, Akwaaba, Gazhasa oetiśkom, Laskavo prosymo, Tash-reef Laa-i-ye, Croeso", you to my personal website in just a number of the many languages that are spoken in the homes and family's of members of the Queensland Electorate of Mansfield. Thankyou for taking the time to learn more about me with regard to making an informed decision on your vote for in Queensland Electorate of Mansfield in this year's State Election - Saturday, 31 January 2015.

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